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Browning Invector-DS Extended Choke Tubes

£55.00 Inc VAT


* Extends beyond end of barrel for easy removal and even tighter patterns

* Proprietary differential banded gas seal eliminates residue build up and makes chokes easy to remove and install

* Integrated spring suspension holds the seal tight, yet allows expansion against the barrel wall for a perfect fit and a smooth transition for shot column entering choke Gas is controlled at the interface between choke and where it seats in the bore From skeet to full choke, patterns tighten consistently and reliably

The new Browning Invector-DS choke tube system is the biggest leap forward in design since interchangeable choke tubes were introduced. With the Invector-DS, we've really done our homework and taken the proven thin wall, muzzle thread choke concept to the next level of shot

pattern performance. The exclusive brass alloy band at the base of the tube seals out gas and grit that sneaks between the barrel and tube, making the Invector-DS tubes easy to remove even after extensive shooting. Thin wall construction reduces the flare at the end of the barrel for a sleeker shotgun appearance. Lastly, the Invector-DS offers the most consistent, reliable tightening of any system ever. With all these features, you can't lose with Invector-DS.

(Available only on the new B725)

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