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Deben Terrier and Ferret Finder 3M Collar

£89.99 Inc VAT

Fully waterproof and compatible with all Mk3 receivers. The new transmitting module is switched on and off magnetically so there is no need to remove the batteries after use. Battery life is over 300hrs and the transmitting module uses a traditional leather collar.

Canvas Throwing 1lb Dog Dummy

Green 1lb weight

£7.50 inc VAT


Canvas Throwing 1/2 lb Puppy Dummy

Green Cavas 1/2 lb weight

£6.99 inc VAT


Turner Richards Dummy Launcher

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Deben Ferret Finder 3

The upgraded Ferret Finder 3 kit features a low profile transmitting collar and a receiver with a ...

Was £199.00

£184.00 inc VAT


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