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Nikko Stirling Gameking 6-24X50 LRX

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Nikko Stirling Gameking is designed for today's hunters. Introduced in 2008, this range encompasses riflescopes up to powerful variable models that include a 6-24×50 AO.

The range of Gameking variable zoom magnifications allow hunters greater flexibility in their hunting. Now you can simply adjust the zoom according to the conditions as you move through the hunting terrain. When the forest is thickest and the game is closer you can easily move the zoom to the lowest setting.

This has the result of increasing your field of view so that the target can easily be seen without delay. Later when you move to more open fields the quick adjustment of the zoom will allow accurate shots on the furthest targets. Put simply, more hunting

High Grade lenses

Optical Coatings

Adjustable Objectives

Finger adjustable Bezel

Supplier: Nikko Stirling

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